A specially designed automation for the processing departments where time is critical. A shuttle loader moves along the front of the soiled side of the washer disinfectors and loads the racks automatically into the first available washer.

Once the items have gone through the washing cycle, another ATS unloads the treated racks along the clean side and transfers them to a storage station ready for inspection and packaging.

The relevant washing program is processor controlled according to the individual rack specifications.

Managing the restricted space challenge
Steelco offers the most innovative automation solutions for the washing and disinfection areas of a CSSD. Steelco’s automatic devices, such as the motorized rotating table and the ATS shuttle allow compact footprint layouts respecting accessibility and maintenance spaces. The highest level of flexibility is reached with the new rotating ATS shuttle. The experience in the transfer and storing table dimensioning elevates the value of Steelco solutions.

Steelco-ATS-separatingSeparating Cold and Hot washing cycle phasis

In terms of process efficiency, it is particularly convenient to designate one unit to the specific cold pre-wash phase.
Besides reducing process total time, it is possible to realize important energy savings because it avoids cold water loading in the washing chambers of the machines involved in the washing, thermo-disinfection and drying phases.

Steelco-ATS-integratedReducing manual pre processing operations

According to internal procedures an ultrasonic cleaning unit can be used as an alternative support to the manual cleaning to remove biological debris in the most intricate shapes and cavities before the washing/disinfection process.

Steelco ultrasonic treatment device US 1000 is designed for full integration in automated CSSD solutions.

Solutions for any specific layout


Limited Spatial Depth

Due to our automated loading and unloading system ATS with rotating function, we are able to place our washer disinfectors close to walls and barriers.
In this way the total depth of the line up is significantly reduced compared to a manual/standard loading/unloading through the use of a transport trolley.


Limited width of the room

When planning a new CSSD department, sufficient width of the room is essential to place the required number of devices for throughput according to each individual need.
Steelco TW-3000/2 Smart Tunnel provides over 75% increase of productivity without the need of a larger lateral floor space than the one of a conventional single chamber washer.
By providing a higher throughput, the number of required devices is significantly reduced so that additional space is gained and investment costs can be lowered.


Long narrow room

Only the technology of a tunnel washer disinfector can fulfill the requirements of a high instrument throughput in a narrow layout. Instead of a broad line up of single chamber devices, the construction of consecutively installed chambers of our TW-3000 series provides highest productivity in a limited space.
The tunnel can be upgraded with an additional module for even higher throughput or for the use of integrated ultrasonic technology. Additional space can be gained by a set up with a central service area in between two devices.


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