EW 2 S

  • Unrivalled reprocess capacity
    EW 2 2S: up to 2 endoscopes - up to 6 videobronchoscopes per batch
    EW 2 3S: up to 3 endoscopes - up to 9 videobronchoscopes per batch
  • Best capacity/footprint ratio
    sliding down doors & frontal maintenance
  • Lowest cost per batch
    reduced water and chemical consumption

EW-2-3S-connection lock-steelco-aresSteelco EW 2 2S and EW 2 3S are dedicated to low temperature washing and high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes it has been developed for treatment of all types and model.

The new Steelco EW 2 2S and EW 2 3S AERs fully comply with the ISO 15883-1/5 directives and incorporates all the latest innovative technologies.

Can be supplied in a pass-through interlocked double door version, or single door.

Complete cleaning and disinfection cycle time in 25 minutes only.

Ergonomic and effortless general operation
EW 2 2S  and EW 2 3S AERs are equipped with sliding drawers that allow the easy instruments loading and unloading operations.

Single hand operated instrument/AER connection.



    • Compatible and tested with peracetic acid (cold disinfection) and glutaraldehyde (chemo-thermal).
    • User and instrument recognition through bar code reading system or RIFD (Radio Frequency Identification).
    • Leak test at the beginning of the cycle and continuous monitoring during all cycle phases with automatic cycle stop in case of anomaly.
    • Precise endoscope channel-check (up to 7 channels for each endoscope) with two independent monitoring systems through pressure and flow measurement and data logging during the whole cycle.
    • Disinfection of all the water used in the process with a two stage high level water filtering (0,5 μm and 0,1 μm filters) for endotoxin removal.
    • Integrated sterile air filter for channel leak test, purging and drying.
    • Self thermal disinfection cycle at 90°C as required from the UNI EN ISO 15883-4 rule including endoscope basket and connections.
    • Data logging of all program data and instrument parameters, graphically visualized as a curve.
    • Complete documentation on integrated printer or to PC/hospital server with SteelcoData software.
    • Large color LCD touch screen display for easy machine operation and endoscope/operator database management.


    One-time connection system shared between prewashing, washing/disinfection and drying/storage devices.



    Not available for sales USA market.


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