Steelco TeleSupport and SuperVisor

Steelco TeleSupport
24/7 connection to the washing central

Steelco-Tele-support-clean-side2With the tele-support software/service, a remote operator is able to verify the full functionality of the installed devices.


System access:
The access to the system of tele-support is normally done by the manufacturer, the maintainer and facility management.
For confidentiality reasons, the facility management can restrict the access to periodic and/or special situations.


Steelco-Tele-support-dirty-sideMain functions:
- Access and management of the cameras to monitor the system.
- Total access to the parameters of the machines allowing the management of the washing programs (times, temperatures, chemical dosing....) and direct corrective actions and/or software updates.
- Synchronous access to the parameters of the machine and all the robotic automations installed.



Steelco TeleSupervisor 
Data management and remote monitoring of the devicesSteelco-Super-Visor-main-view

  • Device status, alarms, blocks
  • Data logging of consumptions
  • Data logging of alarms
  • Machine productivity and statistics

Steelco SuperVisor software allows data export in standard formats


Steelco-Super-Visor-main-view documentsMachine productivity and statistics
If the cage reprocessing system of the facility is equipped with an RFID system to identify the cage transport pallets, productivity statistics can be applied to any cage model type.

Machine documentation
The main screen of the software also allows quick access to the technical documentation of the machine: manuals, hydraulic - pneumatic - electrical system schematics, Piping & Instrumentation Diagram.




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