Steelco VS L Series

State of the art, high capacity sterilizer to ensure excellent performances even at productivity peaks. This steam sterilizer is characterized by a high flexibility thanks to standard and customized cycle programmes, in an effort to gain the best results and optimize time, energy and resources.

Test/service programmes: warm-up, Bowie & Dick, vacuum test, filter sterilization.

Working programmes at 121°C and 134°C (249,8°F and 273,2°F); process cycle and factory programmed according to EN 285 for:

Solids: tools, machine parts, empty glassware, animal cages
Porous: textiles, rubber, filters, vials, animal bedding and feed.
Liquids in vented or sealed containers
Decontamination cycle


    • AC-System-VS-L-43User friendly control panel
    • Frontal service door realized in one single stainless steel AISI 304 panel
    • Base equipped with proper guides for an easy and safe lifting and handling of the autoclave
    • Height adjustable feet enabling an easy floor levelling of the autoclave
    • Possibility to have the technical area on the left or on the right side of the autoclave
    • Process piping made of stainless steel AISI 316L with tri-clamp fittings
    • Double stage vacuum pump
    • Ergonomic working and loading position

    Standard compliant
    STEELCO steam sterilizers VS L series meet the applicable requirements of the following standards: 97/23/EC (PED) • 2004/108/EC (EMC) • 2006/42/EC

    Technical norms and standards: CEI EN 61010-1, CEI EN 61010-2-040 - UNI EN ISO 12100 - EN 61326 - EN 13445-3 annex B & C, EN 13445-3 Cl.18 - UNI EN 288-3 / EN 15614-1 - UNI EN 473 - UNI EN ISO 9712 - UNI EN ISO 5817 - EN 10028-7 - EN 571-1 - EN 1435 A1 - UNI EN ISO 17637 - EN 287-1 - UNI EN ISO 15609-1

    Upon request: GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice - Version 5) - ASME code Sec. VIII div 1 & div - NEMA 4X - UL compliant - cGLP


    1_LAB VS L BULK, Catalogue


    1_LAB VS L S&M, Catalogue


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