Coronavirus updates (COVID-19)

Fabio Zardini Presidente SteelcoUpdate as of 23/3/2020 on Steelco Group initiatives for the management of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Communication from the President of Steelco Group

We are bombarded daily with worrying information about the rapid expansion of the pandemic.

We share the concern and pain of families of people affected by the virus and the professional figures who provide direct assistance on the front line to the sick such as nurses and doctors. These are the people to whom we owe our utmost gratitude.

However, we cannot limit ourselves to this. In addition to compliance with behavioural safety rules imposed to minimize risks, due to the activities undertaken by our company, we are duty called to contribute "our part" for overcoming this phase of difficulty, like those who provide primary services such as pharmacies, food production and goods transportation.

Steelco is directly involved in supporting efforts to contain the spread of the virus in hospitals with its washer disinfectors and sterilizers. For this reason, worldwide service activities have, where possible, been strengthened rather than reduced.

Last week's production halt, necessary to organize preventive workplace safety was in preparation for the urgent resumption of activities as many hospitals around the world urgently require deliveries of our equipment, spare parts and consumables to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, for new projects and emergency hospitals under construction.

Scientific literature classifies Covid-19 as an “enveloped virus” and at the bottom of the scale of resistance to disinfection procedures, making it simple to inactivate through chemical or thermal disinfection treatment.

Therefore, the key challenge is not a technological one that concerns the validated microbiological efficacy of the equipment; rather the challenge is in terms of organizational security, production capacity and clarity of information.

For this reason, our specialists have prepared documentation dedicated to providing answers to the most common questions about the interaction of Covid-19 with our devices and their processes. As usual, the documentation is disseminated through the Group's information platform. Contact for any further information:

With the aim of ensuring maximum continuity of service to all our customers, I inform you that:

  • Yesterday the Prime Minister of the Italian government issued the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 March 2020 which provides further measures for the management of the epidemiological emergency due to COVID-19, with effect from today and lasting until 02 April 2020. The new Prime Ministerial Decree provides for the cessation of activities of companies supplying non-essential goods and services.
  • The current stocks of materials for production and for the fulfillment of spare parts orders are adequate for the continuation of production activities.
  • Steelco’s production, whose restart was planned for today, Monday 23 March, with reduced capacity following the application of the safety rules for COVID-19 is now postponed until Tuesday 24 March. Today the analysis of the impact of the cessation of the production activities of companies supplying production components to Steelco will be completed.
  • Priority will be given to product lines that can provide targeted responses to emergency management (bedpan washers, steam sterilizers, low temperature sterilizers and plants connected to pharmaceutical production.
  • There is still a risk of slowdowns due to possible delays in transport within Italy.

The following activities remain unchanged during usual working hours:

  • Commercial support activities reorganized in smart-working mode
  • Technical assistance service activities reorganized in smart-working mode
  • Reception and fulfillment of spare parts orders
  • The entire activity of the Italian Steelco Service technical assistance service organization


Fabio Zardini
The Chairman

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