An innovative Cleaning Out of Place

An innovative Cleaning Out of Place (COP)

for mobile external tanks

Steelco Webinar

Two webinar sponsored by Steelco on 10 and 24 September 2020.
Steelco Mobile CSSD

Mobile CSSD Solutions

Steelco Mobile CSSD is a fully functioning and validated CSSD for temporary use.
Steelco Never Stop

Steelco Never Stop

The story of how Steelco has been able to face and overcome the recent period by guaranteeing continuity and quality to all our customers and partners.
Rassegna stampa CORONAVIRUS

A glance ahead: thinking about phase three.

Here below you can find the press review  regarding Steelco during the COVID-19 emergency.
Remote FAT service

Remote FAT service

Remote FAT service. A new approach to performing Factory Acceptance Testing, by Steelco
"Wir tun alles, um Reinigungs-, Desinfektions- und Sterilisationsprozesse in den verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen zu optimieren, um die Arbeitsbedingungen für tausende von Fachkräften im Gesundheitswesen und Life Science weltweit zu verbessern."